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Lodge 3014 Represents Amtrak
Maintenance of Way Employees

A Union Is Only As Strong As 
The Solidarity of the People In It

Our next meeting will be on
January 14th
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  Per Diem for 2016 has increased to $45.52
Read notice from Amtrak here


Amtrak's Obstructionist Negotiating Tactics

Update 11/30/2015

Jed Dodd's letter to Amtrak Chairman of the Board regarding the current bargaining emergency and Amtrak's lawless conduct at the bargaining table. Read letter here


Update: 11/9/2015

The Passenger Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition writes Amtrak Board Chairman Coscia regarding our earlier letter and the facts supporting that Amtrak is violating law by withholding information from us and our consultants. Read the letter here


October 23, 2015

The Passenger Rail Labor Bargaining Coalition (PRLBC) has written Amtrak’s Board Chairman Coscia regarding the proposed drastic and unprecedented changes in benefits plans that would dramatically increase costs for members of the BMWED and BRS.

Amtrak has refused to provide our healthcare consultants with the information needed to analyze Amtrak's proposals, even though Amtrak initially promised to be very forthcoming with information regarding its proposal. Instead, we have received heavily redacted data that is effectively useless.

If Amtrak maintains it’s current position then they will be in violation of the Railway Labor Act, Section 2, First. We should not be expected to negotiate while wearing a blindfold. The parties are bound by the Railway Labor Act to exert every reasonable effort to make and maintain agreements and settle all disputes. Amtrak’s obstructionism not only violates law but disrespects the workers and the workers’ families.

Read letter from the PRLBC to Amtrak Board Chairman Coscia here


  New way to see your pay information

Below is a way to view you pay stubs online just follow the steps in the picture. The web site is . The registration code is NRP1-online . After you set it up on the web site you can download the app from the app market.


Fatality Analysis of Maintenance of Way Employees and Singnalmen

FAMES Safety Alert from September 15, 2014 calls attention to the unusual pattern of fatal accidents on the right of way that occurs between the beginning of October and the end of December, with the majority bunched during the last 2 weeks of October and the 1st week of November.

Last year (2014), right after this report was put out, one of our co-workers in the BRS was struck and killed. Please share this at the job site and let's learn from it.

Fames 2014


The BMWE Responds to Amtrak's 14 Hour Overtime Limit

Read the response here


An Appeal To Reason

New Corporate Amtrak Management Engages
in Good Old Fashioned Union Busting

"One Amtrak Way" Threatens Jobs and Families

Union Seeks Strike Authority from Membership
To Defend Against Management Attacks

Local 3014 voted to authorize Strike Authority on April 9th

Amtrak management has declared war on its employees. Our senior managers have little or no experience in operating or building a railroad. They have not been hired for their railroad expertise. They have been hired to extract more from the workforce and attack our rights and compensation. Over 50% of our current membership has been hired in the last five years, and this management is betting that their anti-employee, union busting tactics will not be hindered by a workforce that is new to union membership. The Union is the primary obstacle to their attacks and our first line of defense is an informed and active membership. The purpose of this letter is to educate you about the problem and begin the process of organizing our resistance to these attacks. Our new Walmart like managers have launched their attack in many different ways.

~ Continue reading An Appeal To Reason ~


Amtrak Healthcare Retirement Planning Summary
for people who will be retiring soon.

Retirement Planning Checklist Retirement Income Plan
Benefits When You Retire Current Connection
Retiree Medical Benefits Benefits under RRR and SS
Survivor Benefits Medicare For RR Families
Frequently Asked Questions Contact Information
Other Amtrak Retiree Benefits GA-23111 PLAN F
Additional coverage
 Sign up for On-Line access to the RRB Online Click Here to apply for your password.

Benefits Now Online
Check your Retirement or Disability Benefits, apply for Disability or apply for Unemployment On-Line.

If you already have a password Click Here

Attend your meetings:
The 2nd Thursday of the month,

Our next meeting will be on 
January 14, 2015

7:30 PM at the
Morrisville Elks’ Lodge,
835 W Bridge St
Morrisville, PA 19067
(215) 295-5333
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Last Updated December 30, 2015

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How The RR Was Built

What is Amtrak?

When you tell people where you work, do you sometimes hear "Oh, you work for the federal government?" It's a misconception that Amtrak is part of the government. In fact, Amtrak is not a
federal agency; rather, it is a D.C. corporation . However, unlike most D.C. corporations, Amtrak
was created by Congress. And, unlike most corporations, Amtrak has the same rights and obligations
as the federal
government in certain limited situations.
Read more

Read how the North and South Tubes were built and how they ended up where they're at.

The New York Tunnel Extension Of The Pennsylvania Railroad. Read

Latest News

A closed group exclusively for Penn Fed BMWE members to share information related to our union.
(Managers that try to apply will be publicly humiliated)

Sunnyside Yard worker struck by a yard train. A message for all of us and the video to learn from here

Amtrak NEC Hot Spot Books
Click here to down load the Amtrak NEC Hot Spot Books

Turnover at the top hits Amtrak at a critical time
Former Amtrak executives say the turmoil at the top in recent years has disrupted railroad management and distracted employees from their daily duties. More

Office of Inspector General report on

Amtrak spent $71,100,000 ($71.1 million) SO FAR, and injuries are way up.View the OIG report here.

This is the latest FAMES report. Fatalities in Controlled Points/ Manual Interlockings. It's only 2 pages and very important for you to read. It talks about the fatalities in interlockings and why they occurred. Read report

2015 New Healthcare Information

Section 6 Notice has been served to Amtrak
here to read all our contract demands

General Chairman, Jed Dodd, files two claims under the "Me Too" clause for Lump Sum Payments paid to the UTU but not to the BMWE or BRS members. The claim is for every BMWE & BRS Amtrak worker. One lump sum payment is for $250.
The other is a semi-annual payment of $500
Read the claims below:
~ Claim for $250 ~
~ Claim for Semi-annual $500 ~

FRA Safety Advisory issued after fatalities
Read Advisory

Contract Arbitration Decision 3/26/14

Amtrak's Boardman - Divorced from Reality
NY Penn Station Tunnels
3/4/2014 Effective immediately all work to be performed in the 6 NY tunnels (Portal to Portal) must be protected by Exclusive Track Occupancy Read more


*Fatal Accidents
Under Train Approach Warning


Pilot Agreement Update for raceway Project Click here

New Jersey Racetrack Project

After intense negotiations, the BMWED and Amtrak NEC have reached an agreement in connection with Amtrak's desire to contract out the construction of new constant tension catenary system between New Brunswick and Trenton, NJ. Named the "Racetrack Project" his $150 million endeavor is slated to start in 2013, with a completion projection date of 2017.

Click here to read the full agreement

As a result Amtrak is hiring all crafts.
Jobs are posted and removed weekly so check often.
Click here for Amtrak Job Openings

Amtrak Protest in New Brunswick, NJ 6/13

High Speed Rail (Raceway Project) PowerPoint presentation. 11/9 (The file is 21mb. A high speed connection is required)

Norfolk Southern loses 3 more lawsuits under the Whistle Blower Act

Non-Working dues rate information.
If you are furloughed, or out sick, you can pay the Non-Working dues rate of $15.79 a month to stay in good standing.
More Info

Atena is our new health insurance provider. If you need to up date your info go to
Important: If you get married or have a child, anytime throughout the year, you have 30 days from the event to add family members to your health insurance. After that you will have to wait for the enrollment period.

~Old But Still Important News~

FRA Safety Advisory 2011-03, Bridge Worker Safetyy

Includes many upgrades from Morrisville, PA to New Brunswick, NJ

Amtrak Fencing agreement. Raises Per Diem and prohibits furloughs while contractors are on the property. Full agreement

Amtrak intranet and Employee Information Portal through The new Employee Service Center provides a one-stop shop for all Human Resources needs. Go to to register and log in.

BMWE wins Third Division Award against Amtrak for contracting out inter-track platform work. 113 B&B employees will receive $225 each. All employees are listed.

BMWE serves Amtrak Section 6 Demands (contract demands)

Railway Trackmen’s Journal, 1917 When our forefathers were fighting for the 8 hour workday.

Information on New Supplemental Sickness Insurance.
BMWE Wins Four Huge Arbitration Awards Against Amtrak
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